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Trust Gardner Law Office to provide for all your needs when it comes to accidents, medical malpractice, and more. Read on to learn more about our range of services.

Insurance Companies & Personal Injury Claims

Dealing with the insurance company is perhaps one of the trickiest and most frustrating parts of a personal injury claim. Most cases related to accidents and injuries that another person or company has caused through negligence or intentional conduct are paid by insurance companies, including virtually any type of auto accident, car accident, or motorcycle accident, as well as dog bite claims, medical malpractice, workman's comp, and premises liability claims. Unfortunately, insurance providers are not known for their honesty and fairness in paying out settlements. On top of whatever physical pain and emotional trauma an accident victim may experience, he or she may also face difficulties in dealing with the insurance company.

Fortunately, you can turn to the Gardner Law Office for the legal representation you need. We can handle any communication with the claims adjuster or any other representative of the insurance provider to properly protect your interests and help you avoid common pitfalls associated with attempts to cooperate with these individuals. By properly filing your claim and handling the insurance company, your attorney may be able to reach a higher settlement in a shorter amount of time. If the insurance company will not play fair or has acted in bad faith in handling your claim, your lawyer can take your case to civil court to seek the full value of your claim, plus damages.

Dealing With the Insurance Company in Your Injury Case

It is true that dealing with the insurance company can be difficult, but with our legal knowledge and resources it is possible to seek a fair settlement or jury award. Contact Gardner Law Office today and get the help and support you need. 

Minnesota Personal Injury Claims —
Who Is Liable?

Determining liability in a claim can be a complex process, but if your lawyer has the proper experience, knowledge, and resources to handle your case, he or she can determine who should be held accountable and then take the necessary steps to prove this.

Liability is defined as legal responsibility for something, particularly costs or damages. In a personal injury case, the liable party would be the individual or company responsible for paying compensation to the injured party. The responsible party in an injury claim may vary depending on the type of case. For a car accident, it may be another driver or perhaps a municipal authority for poor road maintenance. In a dog bite claim, it may be the owner of the dog. With a premises liability claim, it may be the owner of the property where the accident or injury occurred, and for a medical malpractice claim, it may be the doctor, nurse, or other medical professional or facility that was negligent and allowed substandard treatment to occur. Regardless of the particular type of claim you are dealing with or the circumstances surrounding your injuries, we can provide comprehensive legal representation targeted at getting you maximum financial compensation for your injuries.

Injured Woman

Proving Liability in an Injury Claim

To prove liability in a personal injury claim, it will be necessary to investigate the circumstances of the accident or injury, including police reports, medical records, witness accounts, and various other types of evidence. It may also be necessary to conduct an independent investigation with the help of accident reconstruction professionals, private investigators, or crash scene investigators to determine what occurred. By evaluating your particular case, our firm can determine what resources to supply to your investigation to determine and then prove who should be held liable for your injuries.

Settlement vs. Trial: Personal Injury Claims in Minnesota

Getting hurt in an accident caused by a company or person's negligent behavior can be a traumatic experience that forces an injured victim or their families into a series of decisions and circumstances that they are often unprepared for. As you enter into discussions with those that caused your injuries, one of the critical decisions you may face is whether to accept the settlement they initially offer you or take the matter to trial. If you accept a settlement, you immediately get financial compensation. However, it may be far less than you are entitled to. If you choose to go to trial, you may obtain the full amount you're entitled to, but there is a risk that the judge will only award a fraction of the amount.

If you have been injured by another's negligent behavior and are now trying to decide whether to accept a settlement or take the matter to trial, immediately contact the Gardner Law Office to obtain critical legal feedback and insight into your situation. We will speak with you and learn everything about the circumstances surrounding your accident and provide you with experienced legal advice about your particular case. We are fully committed to every one of our clients and will work zealously on your behalf to help you fight for the financial compensation you are entitled to, either in negotiations or at trial. Our skilled legal team settles most cases before trial due to our ability to negotiate and press for fair and full compensation. When necessary, if our valid demands are not met, we can move forward with a civil action on our client's behalf.

Settlement vs. Trial Issues

There are multiple elements to consider when trying deciding whether to accept a settlement in a personal injury matter or take it to trial. If you choose to take the matter to trial, the process gets dragged out for months as you wait for your court date and then go through the actual trial. As the process takes longer than simply accepting a settlement, going to trial is more expensive, and you have to wait a while before receiving any money that is awarded. However, you may obtain a more complete sense of justice by having a judge rule against the person or organization that harmed you, as well as get a higher value settlement than was being offered in a pre-trial settlement proposal. It is vital that you get a full review of your injury case early on so we can analyze what is the best course of action.